ERC-721 service,, joins NFT Alliance  – Updates  –  Discount Cards now live

Following on the heels of our alpha launch (Dec 1), has officially joined the Non-Fungible Alliance.

The Alliance serves as a platform for NFT (non-fungible token) projects to come together and collaborate. Mintable has many friends who are already members (looking your way Crypto Cuties) working hard to develop the NFT space and we are glad to join alongside.

Some of the other members in the NFT alliance

We believe strongly in the future of digital items and the positive response to our alpha release further encourages us. Without an ICO or big budget marketing campaign we’re seeing genuine enthusiasm with users trying our ERC-721 minter and manager tool. We’re very appreciative of the feedback we are receiving from everyone joining our discord server too!

Some of the things that have been created so far

Tracking Satellites (yes the ones in outer space)

A user has used Mintable to make representations of Nanosatellites that would eventually play a role in a larger operation. This is a great example of how Mintable can be used to create more than just collectibles.We are waiting to get more details of how they will be used, but so far we gather as a way to integrate blockchain technology with the mass deployment of multiple small satellites.

Check out the Nano-satellites here:

Artwork from a University

A university created some test tokens to be able to see how well the interacts of Mintable are, compared to what they need. They are working on selling digital rights and transferring them between people. Perfect for Mintable! They transferred their tokens to Coinbase Wallet where there was a slight hiccup. Since every contract is your own, Coinbase doesn’t know its address as an approved address. Therefore they do not show up in the wallet. We have since contacted coinbase wallet and hope to work on a solution!

Business Cards

See our recent post on how to make a blockchain business card that you can send to your acquaintance’s wallet and they will forever have your details!

Mintable’s donation Smart Contract goes live today as well

Contract address: 0xc041154d39f54fdeb90ac5d64b2414c5024080aa

You can see this at

The support will help ensure we stay on target for a February beta release and beyond. With that, we can look forward to a more robust Mintable capable of serving all our ERC-721 minting, browsing and management needs.

Naturally, we’ve minted a limited amount of commemorative digital items for our earliest supporters. Each one of the first 1,000 Mintable Donation Cards, get 100% off ALL SMART CONTRACT FEES on Mintable for life.

Later down the road during the beta (February) and the full launch (Summer time), there will be tons of new features and some of those features will cost a slight fee.

For example, if you want to upload a book on our API, you can do that, but it’s just $2. That’s fairly cheap right?

If you have a lot of erc-721s that you want you sell on our exchange in the Beta, it would be worth it to have 100% no fees, so you don’t have to pay $3 to list an item. (Example if you are selling game items and you have 100 items, that would be $300 in fees you would reduce.)

Finally — all these cards are sellable and tradeable on any ERC-721 exchange you want, you own them! Do whatever you want with them.

How the discount works: Whenever you interact with our smart contracts if you own one of those cards, your fees will be discounted the amount on the card. If you have a 100% discount card there will be zero fees on your transaction. (except normal gas costs we can’t help that).

Use the alpha!

If you haven’t minted your own ERC-721 yet… be sure to visit mintable.apptoday and have a try.

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