How to make a Blockchain Business Card….that you can give away as a token (No coding needed)

You are a tech savvy person -  you have business cards. But you want to stand out  -  now you can, by giving out businesses card that are tokens on the blockchain.

Did I mention its free (minus transaction fees)????

At your next conference, don’t give away a business card — give away an ERC-721 business card! Send it to the acquaintance’s ethereum address and they will receive it in ~15 seconds.

My business card …. lets turn it into an ERC-721

Here is how you make your Ethereum ERC-721 Business card

Step 1: Get an Image for your Card

Either make an image, or write some text up in paint, and upload it as an image somewhere. Lets use for this example.

Cool — its uploaded. Right click the image and press “Copy Image Address”

Copy your link for the image, the direct link by right clicking your image and pressing “Copy Image address”

Not:, but instead this:

(make sure it ends in a file extension like .jpg or .png)

Step 2: Open the Mintable Creator

You need Metamask for this step — You are creating a smart contract on the blockchain here (Don’t worry you don’t need to know any code, just need a wallet with maybe 0.40 cents USD to pay for the fee) and then “Guided Create”

Enter the name of your Business Card

  • This is displayed as the title of the token in your recipients address. So a name like “Zach @ — Business Card” is perfect.

Set the Symbol — Important Step!

Since we can’t display our business card’s details across every wallet or interface like etherscan automatically, we have to do a little trick in this step.

  • For the symbol put the following text — “See my details @ + this token’s address”
  • This way, whenever people see this token, they have instructions on how to view your details

Press next and enter the Image URL

Use the image address from right clicking your image. Needs to be a direct link ending in a file extension (.jpg, etc)

Add Metadata

This is anything you want to add to your card. It will be viewable on Here you can include anything you’d like. This is a nice message to include

Make sure you have Metamask unlocked and on the Main Ethereum network before you continue

Step 3: Review and Submit — Metamask required

Review and submitting the transaction

But first $2.90 is pretty expensive for this transaction — lets lower the GAS FEEto make it only cost 0.50 cents (note: this will make the transaction take longer to confirm — up to 24 hours if the network has a lot of traffic)

Note this will take longer since we are paying less

Now wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Congratulations you just made an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain in like 2 minutes!

If you lowered the gas fee like I did, it could take up to 24 hours. You can either leave the page open, or just check your address on Etherscan for the new contract and token you made.

Now what?

Either you have a confirmation page with all your transaction details on it (next step on Mintable), or you lowered the gas fees and don’t have the information for your token.

If you have the Confirmation page showing — You can email a copy of your newly made contract to yourself, you should do this so you have its address and ABI forever.

Step 4:

Click on the “Manage” button and the Mintable manager will load your newly made contract and display it so you can interact with it/mint more tokens/transfer things around to people/ etc.

(Note: This is still the alpha version of Mintable so there are some bugs, if when you try to load your token you get the REKT page, just reload the app and try loading it again a few times, its a web3 thing, we are working on it.)

Step 4a:

If you don’t have the confirmation page and your transaction timeouted do the following:

  • Go to + your address you used here.
  • This page displays all your recent activity. Wait for the most recent transaction to be confirmed and accepted.
  • Once accepted, click on the TX hash, the page should load the receipt of your transaction showing “Tokens Transferred”. This is your address of the smart contract you just made.
  • Click on the name of your new NFT and you will load the token page. Copy that address that is displayed. (Make sure its not your address, but the token’s address)
  • Copy and paste that address into + That address here
All the information you need is on this page!

If you emailed yourself a copy, this is all in your email!

Step 5: Your finished! How to give them away and make new ones!

Anytime you want to use your business card, make a new one, transfer one, or see its details, you can load the contract from +Your address.

Loading my new business card

How to give your new business card away:

Me transferring my card to a colleague

Step 1: Load your contract in Mintable by putting the token address in the manager search bar

Step 2: Click on transfer (Make sure you have Metamask)

Step 3: Enter the address of who its going to, and make sure the tokenID is the tokenId of the token you own.

Step 4: Submit the transaction via MetaMask and wait for it to confirm

Step 5: You’re done its transferred! 😁

How to Mint more cards once you give them away

Minting a new business card. Don’t use spam information like I did here

Step 1: Load your token address into the Mintable manager

Step 2: Click Mint (Make sure you have Metamask)

Step 3: Enter the image url for this business card. Use the same url as list on the left if you don’t want to use a custom image for each business card

Step 4: Add any metadata again…. maybe “Hey John its Zach from that conference”.

Step 5: done. 😁

How can I help Mintable?

You can always donate to speed up production! We will release a new donation contract and feature in the upcoming days. You can see more about what we are releasing here:

If you donate we will give you a Discount for life as an ERC-721!

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Use the alpha!

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