Mintable Create ERC-721 SDK  –  JS library for generating ERC-721 tokens – Update and release information

Preview of how easy it is to use

Mintable is an ERC-721 service, minter, manager, and in the future an exchange. Part of those responsibilities include providing an easy means for ERC-721 creation.

That is why we are happy to announce that we are making great progress on releasing an SDK for generating an ERC-721 smart contract without worrying about the smart contract side of things.

Since we have used and deployed our smart contracts already — we figured — why not make an SDK to remove the hardship in making your own smart contracts. This SDK would let any project use our smart contracts to make new ERC-721s, as easily as possible. All they need to know is javascript.

Here is a laymans rundown/use case

Any website will be able to download and install into their project — an NPM package that contains all the logic they need to generate an ERC-721 smart contract.

Website deviantArt may say — “We want to turn every photo into an ERC-721 for our users”. They could install our Mintable Create SDK, import it into their website code, and then whenever they like, call the Mintable.create({‘ERC-721 information’}) within their code and boom — a web3 transaction will occur and be sent to their user that uses our already existing smart contracts to generate an ERC-721.

Projects don’t need to worry about the blockchain side, nor smart contracts. We have deployed and used our smart contracts, now we are letting anyone else use them as well.

Don’t worry about setting up web3 either, we handle that. All it requires is that your user has given metamask permission and if so, it’ll send the transaction to the user for approval.

The SDK would be free to use for any project, just install and go! But their users would need to pay the fee for the transaction and any other fee within their minting process — (such as using our API to store their data).

We will have an integrated, reduced fees version as well, for projects using this for business — so that the fees are much much less. That would require an API key and if your business or project is interested in offering ERC-721 generation to its users — reach out to us!

As we develop the SDK — we will release more updates

The Mintable SDK will be out before March 1st. Realistically, it should be done here in 6 weeks. So about/around March 1st.

If you have questions or feedback, let us know!

Upcoming Beta

We are currently working hard on both the SDK and upgrading Mintable to the Beta version. This will include a big redesign to fix the UX (and current ugliness). It will add a series of new features, including user accounts and entire history of actions performed.

Here is a preview of the new Create UX:

Preview of the new UX

Use the alpha!

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