Grow and Engage your audience using NFTs and the Blockchain

Grow and Engage your Audience with digital blockchain items

The above slide deck shows the newest way to experiment with NFTs and blockchain technology. Now you can create badges and items for your supporters. Allowing for you to get donations and provide something back of value - at no cost to you! 

This is a new revolutionary way to get donations - and if you start doing this you  would be one of the first to start the trend. This is a very easy way to get donations that cannot be censored. Using the blockchain means that your item and badge will always exist and cannot be removed. This is also super easy to plug into your current system and can be offered on the side of other donation sites/methods.


Try it out. There is little risk to you, but there is a huge upside.



What is Mintable

Mintable is a tool for tokenizing and managing all your digital items on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Using our Smart Contract Generator you can create your own ERC-721 non fungible tokens in minutes. There is no coding required and any Smart Contracts you create are yours. You decide what they represent and you decide what to do with them.


If you want to chat or need help contact us! or join our discord at: