It’s Mintable Time

You might not have heard of, but if you are into the Ethereum ecosystem and like non-fungible tokens, then you’ve been missing out.

To keep it simple, is a minting and management platform for ERC-721 tokens. The major difference between Mintable and the other NFT platforms is that all contracts are created from your Ethereum wallet, and you retain 100% ownership — its not a token on our contracts — its your own, special contract. There is no third party doing the minting, you get to mint your tokens as items, whenever you want. Your key, Your NFT.

This allows major opportunities that other platforms don’t have. It doesn’t limit you in utilizing your imagination, but basically any form of metadata you wish can be used. Integration to your Dapp is a breeze and the Mintable team will happily guide you along the way.

Here are some use cases already being deployed from the Mintable platform.

The HYPE community.

Hype Monster Quest!

HYPE is very active with it’s holders and community. They have recently started rewarding them with unique Badges they can acquire. Each badge unlocks different advantages. The ability to Mint multiple copies of the same NFT, metadata included, and being the sole proprietorship of the contract was essential to their needs and Mintable met those essential criteria.

HYPE is many things at once. Having a large community on Telegram, they describe themselves as followed:

‘’The World’s First Consensus-driven Inflationary + Deflationary Token with an Ecosystem: AI powered trading signal service, decentralized wallet supporting atomic swaps, marketplace for crypto users, blockchain games, prediction market and airdrop central’’

You can find out more about HYPE and their badges here…

HYPE Monster Quest (Community Rewards Program)
What is a Monster Quest?

Remember, with Mintable, you control…

the Metadata you want to include in your contracts — with the ability to mint up to 40 tokens. These powerful features has many use cases as you can imagine. Artists could mint multiple tokens of one work, adding extra source of revenue for their work as an example, such as over 50 different high profile artists we already have on our platform.

The key once again, is control. As stated, the other minting platforms, are the centralized exchanges of NFTs. Mintable believes that all minters should have full ownership of their contract, no question ask!

A part of our amazing platform, we are also deeply involve with the Ethereum community. We have recently decided to move our entire team to Singapore as we are focused on engaging the large blockchain community here. During Blockshow this week, we were able to exchange and get the community engage on our platform and test out it’s capacity for Non Fungibles.

Give us some feedback and spread the word: Not your key, Not your NFT!

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